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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Rural Life


Welcome to the home page of the Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference, a committee of the Catholic Conference of Ohio. It consists of the diocesan rural life directors and up to three appointed/elected members from each diocese.

Mission Statement

The Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference exists to preserve, protect and articulate the unique values and contributions of rural Catholics, their parishes, communities, families, farms, businesses, institutions and organizations. We wish to support rural people and their rural culture, namely:

  • their sense of stability to a specific geographical place and people;
  • their continuity of life-style and relationships;
  • the historical memory that connects and nurtures these relationships.

We seek to provide a forum to address and resolve problems affecting the rural Catholic community, i.e., those things which interfere with living the faith and proclaiming the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to the surrounding secular society. These problems include social, political, ecclesiastical, economic, agricultural and environmental issues.

We seek to provide an organizing tool that gathers and unifies our rural Catholic communities in this common mission.


Ohio: America's Heartland
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