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Monday, January 21, 2019

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Ohio "Consensus" Legislation Introduced to Curb Gun Violence

Governor Kasich's Workgroup Recommendations Introduced in both House and Senate

  • 11 April 2018
  • Author: Jim Tobin
  • Number of views: 2061

HB 585, sponsored by Representative Henne (R - Clayton),  and SB 288 sponsored by Senator Eklund ( R - Munson Township) and Senator Kunze (R - Hilliard), are companion bills that reflect the recommendations made by Governor Kasich's responses to gun violence workgroupThe Catholic Conference of Ohio staff participated in the workgroup.

The work group looked at a wide number of possible responses.  The provisions found in HB 585 represent the concepts on which there was agreement.

There were four areas of general agreement:

The first was respect for the Second Amendment. The intent was to reflect reasonable responses within the framework of the Second Amendment.

The second was to ensure that the Ohio entities that are required to submit information to the NICS system provide all the proper information in a timely manner. This would include records that should be added and records that should be removed.

The third was the creation and implementation of an “extreme risk protection order”.  This would be a temporary order where close family members and law enforcement could petition the court to have a person temporarily relinquish his/her guns.  The workgroup asked for the burden documenting the need to be high -- clear and convincing evidence, and for due process be strong.

The fourth was to mirror federal law whenever possible. Mostly due to limited resources, the ATF is often unable to respond quickly to Ohio gun violations. Allowing Ohio law to address this area should help deter and punish violators.  In this area, the workgroup sought federal reciprocity in matters such as banning armor-piercing ammunition and more severely punishing individuals who make federally defined “strawman” purchases.

In their March 12, 2018 statement, the Catholic Bishops of Ohio urged Ohio’s elected leaders to adopt prudent policies to help curb gun violence.   They exhorted that “now is the time for action.  Now is the time to promote the culture of life.”

The Bishops stated: “We urge open and civil discourse that will result in the enactment of bipartisan reforms.  We pray that Ohio’s leaders will set aside political agendas and achieve solutions that promote the common good and safety of all people.  We believe just solutions can be found that will not violate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”. 


Contact Your Representative and Senator.  Urge Support for HB 585 & SB 288.


Recommendations from the Workgroup

Catholic Bishops of Ohio Statement on the Workgroup Recommendations



Prayer for an End to Human Trafficking

Oh God, we didn't see them.

But you did-

The hundreds and thousands of human beings trafficked each year to join the millions who are trapped in modern-day slavery.

Under terrible conditions, they work in factories, plow fields, harvest crops, work quarries, fill brothels, clean homes, and haul water.

Many are children with tiny fingers for weaving rugs and small shoulders for bearing rifles.

Their labor is forced, their bodies beaten, their faces hidden from those who don't really want to see them.

But you see them all, God of the poor.

You hear their cry and you answer by opening our eyes, and breaking our hearts and loosening our tongues to insist:

No mas. No more.