Catholic Conference of Ohio
Friday, June 22, 2018

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U.S. Bishops: Promote Peace & Goodwill throughout the World

...Violence and hate in the world around us must be met with resolve and courage...

...We pray that family and friends facing the pain of loss and the journey of recovery find strength in the compassion of their community....

...We must not respond in fear. We are called to be heralds of hope and prophetic voices against senseless violence, a violence which can never be justified by invoking the name of God...

...We should employ immigration laws that are humane and keep us safe, but should never target specific classes of persons based on religion...

...The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops remains steadfast in our commitment to refugees, who are often escaping severe persecution. We will continue to support strengthening social services for persons with mental illness, but we must remember that only a small number of those suffering with these challenges pose a risk to themselves or others. We encourage responsible firearms regulation. And we will advocate on behalf of people facing religious discrimination, including our Muslim brothers and sisters...

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