Catholic Conference of Ohio
Friday, March 23, 2018

About the Catholic Conference of Ohio

Our Purpose

The Conference represents the Church's position before the Ohio General Assembly, various state departments, bureaus, agencies and other organizations. The Conference also provides facilitation, coordination and joint programming for diocesan groups involved in various Church ministries.

Our History

Established in 1945, the Catholic Conference of Ohio is the second oldest state bishops' conference in the United States (New York was the first). Originally known as the Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference, the Conference was given its present name by the bishops of Ohio in 1967.

There now are Catholic Conferences similar to Ohio's in forty-two states.


The policies and activities of the Catholic Conference are governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of every Roman Catholic Bishop exercising jurisdiction in Ohio, as well as the Bishops of the Parma Byzantine Eparchy, Romanian Catholic Diocese of Canton, and Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of Parma. The president of each diocesan Priests' Senate also is a member of the Board.

The Archbishop of Cincinnati, as head of the Province of Cincinnati (the territory of the State of Ohio), acts as chairman of the Board of Directors.

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There are four departments within the Catholic Conference of Ohio. They are:

Administrative Services, Education, Health Affairs, Social Concerns

Departmental membership includes clergy, religious, and laypersons engaged in related activities from each of the dioceses of Ohio. These groups elect their own chairpersons and other officers as needed. A staff person is assigned by the Conference for each of these departments.

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The Catholic Church in Ohio

As of January 2015, Catholic parishioners represent 17% of the population of the State of Ohio. The Catholic Conference exists to represent their interests in state and local government. Some other statistics about the Church in Ohio include:

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Total Ohio Population 11,537,299 11,282,312 11,288,817 11,570,622
Catholics (17% in 2015) 2,001,256 1,976,989 1,964,274 1,950,075
Priests 1,662 1,652 1,608 1,599
Sisters 2,906 2,759 2,662 2,744
Brothers 199 205 204 204
Deacons 799 801 814 809
Parishes 772 776 773 770
Hospital Facilities 35 35 36 36
Healthcare Persons Assisted       5,488,029
Social Service Agencies 76 76 76  75
Persons Assisted Social Services        817,255
Cemeteries 190 190 190  190
Colleges/Universities 13 13 13 13
Catholic K-12 Schools 401 401 385  380
Students in K-12 Schools 128,841 128,841 122,700  120,889
Students in Religious Education 120,869 114,298 98,905 97,058