Catholic Conference of Ohio
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Focus Areas - Catholic Conference of Ohio


The Catholic Conference of Ohio collaborates with clergy, religious, and laypersons from each of the dioceses of Ohio, primarily concerning education and a broader focus called social concerns. Social concerns include efforts to uphold the dignity of human life, protect the poor and vulnerable, promote marriage and family life, protect religious liberty, and care for the environment. In addition, the Catholic Conference of Ohio also supports the Catholic cemeteries in Ohio and collaborates with the diocesan Communication departments across Ohio. 


The Catholic Conference of Ohio collaborates with those involved in Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Meetings take place on a regular basis with the Superintendents of Schools as a forum for planning, discussion, cooperative action, and professional growth.

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Social Concerns

The Department of Social Concerns coordinates efforts which both serve and advocate for the well-being of persons who are poor or disadvantaged. The department convenes diocesan Social Action and Social Service Directors, as well as Black Catholics, Hispanics, and Rural Life Directors.

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Catholic Cemeteries

The Catholic Conference of Ohio periodically convenes with the Catholic Cemetery Directors from each of the dioceses.

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