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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Social Concerns - Catholic Conference of Ohio

About the Department of Social Concerns

The Department of Social Concerns coordinates efforts which both serve and advocate for the well-being of persons who are poor or disadvantaged. The department convenes diocesan Social Action and Social Service/Catholic Charities Directors, as well as Black Catholics, Hispanics, and Rural Life Directors. The Department also coordinates the Statewide Death Penalty Education Campaign and the Statewide Catholic Care For Creation Project.

Social Concerns

Legislative & Social Justice Issues

Department Groups

  • Black Catholic Ministries
  • Diocesan Catholic Social Services/Catholic Charities Directors
  • Diocesan Catholic Social Action Directors 
  • Hispanic Catholics
  • Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference
  • Diocesan Pro-Life Directors
  • Diocesan Care for Creation Contacts
  • Diocesan Death Penalty Education Campaign Contacts


Department Contacts

Department Associate Director

Will Kuehnle, Catholic Conference of Ohio



Diocesan Catholic Charities/Social Services Contacts

Diocesan Social Action Contacts

Diocesan Pro Life Contacts


Diocesan Black Catholic Ministries Contacts