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Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Federal Judge Rejects Ohio's Execution Procedures

Judge Michael Merz delays three upcoming executions

Following a week-long hearing, Judge Merz rejected the lethal injection of a sedative called midazolam. It was used in problematic executions in Arizona and Ohio. The judge also barred the state from using drugs that paralyze inmates and stop their hearts.

Ohioans to Stop Executions

Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of the Death Penalty

Catholic Conference of Ohio Urges Governor to Commute The Death Sentence of Ronald Phillip

Archbishop Schnurr writes letter on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Ohio

Archbishop Schnurr writes: "The Catholic Church believes that the death penalty is an unnecessary and systemically flawed form of punishment. We seek mercy for Mr. Phillip because we believe that spiritual conversion is possible and that all life, even that of the worst offender, has value and dignity." 

Ohio Death Penalty & Criminal Justice Legislative Issues

June 2016

Updates on Pending Legislation regarding the Death Penalty and Criminal Justice Issues

Ohio Catholic Bishops Urge Support for SB 162

Prohibiting the Execution of Individuals with Severe Mental Illness

The death penalty is not the answer to the problem of violence committed by persons with severe mental illnesses. The better policy is access to appropriate mental health care.

Resources for Prison Ministry & Criminal Justice

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Policy regarding Roman Catholic - Orthodox Religious Services

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections