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Friday, April 19, 2024

November 2023 Issue 1



The dignity of life in its earliest stages is threatened by a proposed Ohio Constitutional amendment, to be voted on in the November 7th election, to expand and enshrine abortion at the expense of protections for preborn children and women. As Catholics, we cannot remain on the sidelines when confronted with such a clear threat to human life. We are called to be faithful citizens and participate in political and public life to help build a civilization of love.

Explore the categories below to learn more about and to take action to defeat the proposed amendment in November.


CCO Resources to Oppose the Amendment

The Catholic Conference of Ohio (CCO) is the official voice of the Catholic Church in Ohio on matters of public policy. We have worked with the dioceses across Ohio to equip Catholics in Ohio with the resources necessary to learn about the proposed amendment and take action to oppose it in November 2023.

Our Newest Resources:


Frequently Asked Questions Flyer

- Addresses common questions about Issue 1
-  Debunks common myths about Issue 1
-  Highlights the Church's ministry to women in need

(English/Spanish front & back | English Only | Spanish Only)


Where Does It Say That? Flyer
- Shows the Full Text of the Amendment
- Highlights the Concerning Language
- Explains the Dangerous Implications of Vague Language

(English | Spanish)


Where Does It Say That? & FAQ Combined Document
 (Front/Back - English | Front/Back - Spanish)


54-Day Rosary Novena
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Prayers for: Sept. 15-23 | Sept 24 - Oct 2
Oct 3-11 | Oct 12-20 | Oct 21-29 | Oct 30 - Nov 7

Videos on Issue 1


4 Things You Need To Know Video
Great to share with others about Issue 1.

Issue 1: Care for Miscarriages and Ectopic Pregnancy
Video of personal testimony that care is available even during Heartbeat Law.

FAQs about Issue 1
Interview with CCO Executive Director, Brian Hickey

View More Videos on the CCO YouTube Channel

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About the Amendment

Parish and School Resources

Prayer Warriors

Take Action


Protect Women Ohio Logo Stacked_FINAL

The Catholic Conference of Ohio is a member of Protect Women Ohio, a larger coalition to help defeat the proposed amendment. Click on the logo to visit the coalition's website.

Supporting Women in Need

The Catholic Church in Ohio and across the U.S. has long accompanied and supported women facing unexpected preganancies, struggling to provide for their families, or suffering from trauma after an abortion. Explore the sites below or visit your local diocesan Respect Life Office website, listed under Take Action, to learn more about the services provided.



Faithful Citizenship

Catholics are called to witness to Faithful Citizenship as we participate in the public square through political engagement and civil dialogue. Working against Issue 1 and exercising our right to vote are just a few ways to live out our Catholic faith in out public life. Learn more by visiting the the Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship section on the USCCB website.

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