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Ohio Bishop Statements

Ohio Bishops Statement on Passing of Issue 12023Abortion
Ohio Bishops Issue Letter on Abortion Ballot Initiative2023Abortion
The Catholic Commitment to Life and to Walking with Women in Need, June 24, 20222022Abortion
Reflections on Choosing Political Candidates 20202020Elections & Ballots
Response to Governor Kasich"s Proposal on Curbing Gun Violence2018Gun Violence
Statement Opposing the Denial of Workers' Compensation to Undocumented Workers, June 2, 20172017Immigration–Refugees
Letter Encouraging Legislative Support for Immigrants and Refugees, April 2017 2017Immigration–Refugees
Bishop Thomas Statement on the Death Penalty, December 20162016Death Penalty
Letter Supporting Migration & Refugee Services, January 27, 20162016Migration & Refugees
2015 Statewide Ballot Issues Statement2015Elections & Ballots
Statement in Response to the Supreme Court Ruling regarding Same-Sex Marriage, June 26, 2015 2015Marriage & Family
Catholic Bishops of Ohio's Statement on Legalizing Marijuana, October 2, 20152015Drugs
Catholic Bishops of Ohio statement to elected officials regarding Ohio alternative energy standards November 12, 20152015Environment
Invitation from the Catholic Bishops of Ohio regarding the Death Penalty April 20152015Death Penalty
Statement Regarding Planned Parenthood & Prohibiting Public Funding for Abortion, October, 20152015Abortion
Letter on the Death Penalty December 20152015Death Penalty
Statement in Support of Drug Prevention Education Regarding Prescription Drug and Heroin Addiction, June 5, 20142014Drugs
2014 Voting Reflection Questions2014Elections & Ballots
Reflections regarding Ohio's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards May 2014 2014Environment
Statement on the proposed Ohio Religious Freedom Reformation Act, 12-3-20132013Religious Liberty
Catholic Bishops of Ohio Letter in Support of Medicaid Expansion, January 20132013Health Care
Invitation from the Catholic Bishops of Ohio regarding Care For Creation2012Environment
2011 Statewide Ballot Issues Statement2011Elections & Ballots
Concerns regarding Komen for the Cure, January 20, 20112011Abortion
Ohio Death Penalty- February 7, 20112011Death Penalty
Collective Bargaining- February 28, 20112011Labor & Work
2010 Candidate Questions2010Elections & Ballots
Faith Leaders Letter Supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform- March 10, 20102010Immigration
Support of Issue 2: Creation of the Livestock Standards Board- October 8, 20092009Rural Life
Letter to Legislators Concerning Health Care Issues in 2009 State Budget. March 24, 20092009Health Care
Opposition to Issue 3: Casino Gambling- October 8, 20092009Gambling
2009 Statewide Ballot Issues Statement2009Elections & Ballots
Opposition to Issue 6: Casino Gambling-September, 20082008Gambling
Support for Issue 5: Maintaining Payday Lending Reforms- September 20082008Pay Day Lending
2008 Election Resources2008Elections & Ballots
Support for Federal Immigration Reform- June 27, 20072007Immigration
State Immigration Enforcement- September 20, 20062006Immigration
Statement Regarding Child Protection Legislation, March, 29, 20062006Child Protection
Opposition to Issue 3: Learn and Earn Gambling Amendment-October 3, 20062006Gambling
2006 Election Resource2006Elections & Ballots
2005 Statewide Ballot Issues Statement2005Elections & Ballots
Fair and Adequate Tax Reform - May 21, 20042004Economic Justice
Marriage Protection Amendment - October 5, 20042004Elections & Ballots
God's Welcoming Presence: A Call to Stand in Solidarity with Ohio's Immigrants February, 20012001Immigration
Statement Regarding Concealed Weapon Legislation – May 25, 19991999Concealed Weapons
Parched Land, Perilous Times: A Call for Prayer & Legislative Action for Farming Families – October 1, 19991999Rural Life
Life on the Land – April, 19981998Rural Life
Public School Funding: Issues One & Two – April 6, 19981998Education
Establishment of Riverboat Casino Gambling – Sept. 16, 19961996Gambling
Affirming Justice & Mercy: Reassessing the Death Penalty – June 28, 19961996Death Penalty
Regarding Concealed Weapon Legislation – October 11, 19951995Concealed Weapons
Shortening Death Penalty Appeal Procedures – June 7, 19941994Death Penalty
Hopes & Fears: Pastoral Reflections on Death – March, 1993 1993End of Life
Ohio Law on Advance Directives – September, 1992 1992End of Life
Catholic Schools: Heritage and Legacy – 19901990Education
Housing Amendments September 17, 19901990Housing
Statement on Casino Gambling - March 14, 19891989Gambling
Abortion & Political Life - December 29, 19891989Abortion
Statement on “The Consistent Ethic of Life” – June 3, 1988 1988Abortion
Justice & Mercy: Reassessing the Death Penalty – 19871987Death Penalty
Statement on Capital Punishment-19771977Death Penalty