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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Catholic Conference of Ohio Environmental Checklist

Environmental Checklist (PDF Version)

More than Just Recycling

☐ Place special "recyclables only" bins around your facility.
☐ Consider recycling as a potential income stream.
☐ Ensure that your trash vendor recycles.
☐ Consider e-waste, cell phone and ink cartridge fundraisers.
☐ Educate and involve your parishioners, especially the kids.

Office Equipment Savings

☐ Use power strips dedicated to specific equipment.
☐ Turn equipment off when you are done.
☐ Activate power management software on all your computers.
☐ Unplug charger units when not in use.

Paper Products

☐ List and compare all your paper and consumable purchases.
☐ Use eco-friendly high recycled content office paper.
☐ Distribute documents electronically.
☐ Print on both sides of your paper.
☐ Recycle as much paper as possible.
☐ Use single space when possible.

Maintaining Your Kitchen

☐ Service large and walk-in freezers and coolers annually
☐ Do a "dollar bill test" on your refrigerator.
☐ Clean refrigerator coils and door seals.
☐ Create an air gap behind your refrigerators.
☐ Use a timer on the coffee pot.
☐ Be wary of old donated refrigerators and freezers. Consolidate fridges and switch off the oldest one.
☐ Calibrate your freezers and coolers. Colder isn’t always better.
☐ Install EPA-approved WaterSource®- approved flow restrictors and aerators.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Supplies

☐ Eliminate all Styrofoam products.
☐ Utilize reusable supplies such as coffee mugs, refillable water bottles, glasses, dishes, utensils, etc., when
☐ Coffee filters: Either purchase a permanent cleanable coffee filter or use unbleached disposable coffee filters
where needed.
☐ Paper towels and napkins: Consider the use of items that have a high recycled content and are unbleached.
☐ If purchasing new appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Check with your local utility for available rebates and incentives for major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
☐ Use "Fair Trade" coffee in support of Social Justice.

Investing in Energy Savings

☐ Consider HID lighting for outdoors and high ceilings.
☐ Turn off your lights when not needed.
☐ Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
☐ Install occupancy sensors.
☐ Install LED exit signs.
☐ Replace T12 fluorescent tubes with T8s.
☐ Clean all light fixtures.
☐ Seasonally adjust all interior and exterior lighting timers.
☐ Remove excess lighting.

Eco-Friendly Low Cost HVAC Solutions

☐ Set your cold thermostat at 78°F and hot at 68°F during class or service hours.
☐ Seal off unused offices and passageways.
☐ Close exterior doors.
☐ Turn off exhaust fans.
☐ Install timers or programmable thermostats to turn off non-essential equipment during off-hours.
☐ Set economizers properly.
☐ Replace worn or cracked weather stripping and seal up all holes.
☐ Check all thermostat settings.

Saving With Your Car

☐ Create your own carpool.
☐ Walk or bike to church or school.
☐ Tune up your car,including your tires.
☐ Use your GPS to avoid traffic.
☐ Drive slower and smarter.