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Ohio Diocesan Contacts

Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Catholic Social Action
Care for God's Creation/Climate Change Task Force

Diocese of ClevelandCatholic Charities/ Diocesan Social Action
Climate Change Resources

Diocese of Columbus
Office for Social Concerns

Diocese of Steubenville
Office of Family and Social Concerns

Diocese of Toledo
Catholic Charities

Diocese of Youngstown
Office of Social Action

Byzantine Eparchy of Parma

Romanian Eparchy of St. George in Canton

Ukrainian Eparchy of St. Josaphat

Catholic Conference of Ohio Environmental Checklist

Environmental Checklist (PDF Version)

More than Just Recycling

☐ Place special "recyclables only" bins around your facility.
☐ Consider recycling as a potential income stream.
☐ Ensure that your trash vendor recycles.
☐ Consider e-waste, cell phone and ink cartridge fundraisers.
☐ Educate and involve your parishioners, especially the kids.

Office Equipment Savings

☐ Use power strips dedicated to specific equipment.
☐ Turn equipment off when you are done.
☐ Activate power management software on all your computers.
☐ Unplug charger units when not in use.

Paper Products

☐ List and compare all your paper and consumable purchases.
☐ Use eco-friendly high recycled content office paper.
☐ Distribute documents electronically.
☐ Print on both sides of your paper.
☐ Recycle as much paper as possible.
☐ Use single space when possible.

Maintaining Your Kitchen

☐ Service large and walk-in freezers and coolers annually
☐ Do a "dollar bill test" on your refrigerator.
☐ Clean refrigerator coils and door seals.
☐ Create an air gap behind your refrigerators.
☐ Use a timer on the coffee pot.
☐ Be wary of old donated refrigerators and freezers. Consolidate fridges and switch off the oldest one.
☐ Calibrate your freezers and coolers. Colder isn’t always better.
☐ Install EPA-approved WaterSource®- approved flow restrictors and aerators.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Supplies

☐ Eliminate all Styrofoam products.
☐ Utilize reusable supplies such as coffee mugs, refillable water bottles, glasses, dishes, utensils, etc., when
☐ Coffee filters: Either purchase a permanent cleanable coffee filter or use unbleached disposable coffee filters
where needed.
☐ Paper towels and napkins: Consider the use of items that have a high recycled content and are unbleached.
☐ If purchasing new appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Check with your local utility for available rebates and incentives for major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
☐ Use "Fair Trade" coffee in support of Social Justice.

Investing in Energy Savings

☐ Consider HID lighting for outdoors and high ceilings.
☐ Turn off your lights when not needed.
☐ Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
☐ Install occupancy sensors.
☐ Install LED exit signs.
☐ Replace T12 fluorescent tubes with T8s.
☐ Clean all light fixtures.
☐ Seasonally adjust all interior and exterior lighting timers.
☐ Remove excess lighting.

Eco-Friendly Low Cost HVAC Solutions

☐ Set your cold thermostat at 78°F and hot at 68°F during class or service hours.
☐ Seal off unused offices and passageways.
☐ Close exterior doors.
☐ Turn off exhaust fans.
☐ Install timers or programmable thermostats to turn off non-essential equipment during off-hours.
☐ Set economizers properly.
☐ Replace worn or cracked weather stripping and seal up all holes.
☐ Check all thermostat settings.

Saving With Your Car

☐ Create your own carpool.
☐ Walk or bike to church or school.
☐ Tune up your car,including your tires.
☐ Use your GPS to avoid traffic.
☐ Drive slower and smarter.