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Ohio General Assembly Passes Pro-Life Legislation

Restrictions on abortion, efforts to decrease infant mortality and drug dependency, adoption assistance, summer food assistance, further help for victims of human trafficking among issues being sent to the Governor for signature

  • 8 December 2016
  • Author: Jim Tobin
  • Number of views: 4977

SB 127: Prohibits abortion once the baby feels pain (20 weeks)

HB 69: Generally prohibits an abotion after the baby's heartbeat is detected. (HB 493). Vetoed by Governor  Kasich on 12-13-16

SB 332: Addresses issues related to infant mortality.

HB 325: Encourages pregnant women who are addicted to receive treatment.

SB 319: Addresss opiate addiction.

SB 284: Allows for victims of human trafficking to have their records expunged. (HB 172)

HB 493: Addresses changes in reporting abuse and neglect, includes the establishment of an adoption promotion committee, includes the heartbeat bill, and provides $100,000 for adoption promotion. Vetoed by Governor  Kasich on 12-13-16

SB 247: Allows for other approved groups to administer a school summer feeding program.

HB 470: Among provisions addressing hospital after-care and nursing home bed licensing was added a strong prohibition to assisted suicide.

HB 457: Adds provisions to better determine the competency of health care decisionmakers in certain situations