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Ohio Bishops Issue Statement on Gun Violence

Encourage elected leaders to adopt prudent policies to help curb gun violence.

Catholic Bishops of Ohio
March 12, 2018

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Governor Kasich's Recommendations

The Catholic Bishops of Ohio call upon Ohio’s elected leaders to adopt prudent policies to help curb gun violence.  Now is the time for action.  Now is the time to promote the culture of life.

We urge open and civil discourse that will result in the enactment of bipartisan reforms.  We pray that Ohio’s leaders will set aside political agendas and achieve solutions that promote the common good and safety of all people.  We believe just solutions can be found that will not violate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

We commend state leaders who are actively seeking solutions to the pressing issue of gun violence.  We applaud Governor Kasich for calling together persons with differing perspectives and for his leadership in seeking points of common agreement. The Catholic Conference of Ohio was grateful to be a part of this gathering.  The process offers hope that agreements can be reached not only on gun violence, but other contentious issues, as well.

The group’s recommendations, released on March 1, 2018 provide a starting point for a bipartisan response to gun violence.  The Conference strongly encourages members of the Ohio General Assembly to consider seriously these recommendations.

Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, urged leaders to address solutions to gun violence. He stated,  “Violence in our society will not be solved by a single piece of legislation, and many factors contribute to what we see going on all around us. Even so, our leaders must engage in a real debate about needed measures to save lives and make our communities safer."

The (USCCB) encourages the enactment of sensible regulations addressing the culture of violence in our country. Such changes include:

  • Measures that control the sale and use of firearms, such as universal background checks for all gun purchases;
  • Limitations on civilian access to high-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines;
  • A federal law to criminalize gun trafficking;
  • Improved access to mental health care for those who may be prone to violence;
  • Reasonable regulations and limitations on the purchasing of handguns;
  • Measures that make guns safer, such as locks that prevent children and anyone other than the owner from using the gun without permission and supervision;
  • Increased support for prison reentry programs that help people avoid re-offending; and
  • Improved access to treatment for those with substance abuse addiction.

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